Within Reason is a monthly podcast that looks at contentious issues from a rational perspective. Why do people believe weird things? How dangerous are the chemicals in our food? Should fundamental research be funded by governments? Montreal-based skeptic Jonathan Jarry engages guests in stimulating conversations on these thorny issues. Each conversation is followed by a panel discussion with local rationalists and voices of reason. High production values, thoughtful debates, and fun: what more could you ask for? Also available on iTunes.

If you have questions you would like addressed on the next episode, email us at withinreasonpodcast (at) gmail (dot) com.

Jonathan Jarry is a biological scientist born and bred in Canada who once worked for the U.S. Armed Forces, using the power of DNA technology to identify really old American soldiers. He is the creator and author of the public science blog Cracked Science on which he has written about Sherlock Holmes, Avogadro's number, and giant bats. He has also helped to characterize a new form of muscular dystrophy and spent many years in a clinical laboratory, designing assays and managing rapid-turnover diagnostic tests which allow physicians to make informed decisions regarding cancer patient care. He is a rationalist who believes each and every person should be empowered with the necessary knowledge to make rational, informed decisions about their health and the world around them.

Past panelists have included:

Andrew Cody

Matt Barbacki

Anna af Hallstrom

David Tsang

David Kaldahl