Within Reason

Episode 201 - Michael Shermer on Believing

September 9, 2014

We celebrate our return with Mr. Skepticism himself, Dr. Michael Shermer. What was it in humans' evolution that led to us having beliefs and what credence can we ascribe to them? We talk mushers, invisible princesses, bicycles, and sacred cows. Back in the studio, Jonathan is joined by a panel of reasonable folks that is confronted by a thought experiment: if religion went away, would it come back? Before you know it, it's debate time and we go meta. Are the things we perceive in an altered state evidence of a quantum oneness? Do you need to be in an altered state to listen to this podcast? Mr. Horner, could you play some of your music from Avatar, please?

The song of praise heard in the intro can be found here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lM6xbDX5iHU

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